Social Action Art Therapy: Animal Guides

Em has been utilizing  Animal Guides in their work with eating disorders for the past 5 years. They use them as metaphors for the clients internal sense of self, a ground technique, and creating a more body positive mentality. 

Em enjoys integrating this with Chakra points and energy healing to help clients develop a stronger sense of self, create unique identities and provide a stronger, more supportive frame work for long term recovery.




Social Action Art Therapy: Peace Poles


It has been Em's dream to blend the love of helping others with the love of Social Action, Civil Rights and Social Change.


Through this drive Em published research in The Arts in Psychotherapy on Peace Pole Creation. Since then Em has continued the research by creating peace poles with adults diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities, clients diagnosed with Eating Disorders and Adults with mental illness. It isthe hope to continue this work across the county, across all diagnoses, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions etc. 

Em currently run's workshops on Peace Pole creation, Peace Pole for Self-Care, Peace Poles for clients self-expression, and Peace Poles as part of Eating Disorder Treatment. 


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